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Services Residents Can Expect from a Property Manager

In every business, it’s important to know exactly what is expected of you. Being a property manager is no different. As a property manager, your responsibilities are numerous and often time consuming, but property management software makes it easy to tackle your tasks. Some of your responsibilities are legal obligations and must be performed to keep your units safe and habitable. Even the services that aren’t mandatory, however, will keep your residents happy, boost your reputation, and ensure your units remain occupied.

Obligations for Property Managers
As a property manager, your responsibilities begin before your first resident moves in. You’re expected to perform inspections on the entire property for potential hazards to the health and safety of your residents. If you find an issue, you’re obligated to fix it. You’re also required to provide maintenance services in the event of an emergency. Plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical are just a few of the maintenance areas that are typically your responsibility as a property manager.

Property management goes beyond providing a plumber when your residents are having trouble with their toilets, however. As a property manager, you’re also in charge of looking out for your residents and their interests.

Other Services Property Managers Perform
Being a property manager means more than taking care of maintenance requests. You’re expected to screen your applicants in a fair and legal way, ensuring that both current and future residents are taken care of. A leasing agreement that protects both you and your residents is one of the most important things you can provide, even though it might seem like just a few sheets of paper. A good leasing agreement defines the terms both parties will be living by, including financial obligations like monthly rent, security, damage, and deposits.

Even with the most comprehensive contract, however, you’re also expected to be a responsive property manager. There is no substitute for customer service.

Being a Responsive Property Manager
Even if you’re managing your property from a distance, it’s important to be responsive to your residents. AppFolio’s property management software can help you take care of business from anywhere. You’ll be able to answer questions from residents, respond to maintenance requests faster, and review rental applications all from your office, even if your “office” is on the beach. There’s no reason not to have your finger on the pulse of your property.

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